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What do we care about?

What is that we care about as people and as a nation? What keeps you up at night? During the 2016 election the top four things that people said most concerned them were; Terrorism and national security, growing the economy, good paying jobs and good healthcare and the repeal of the Affordable Health care Act (Obama Care)

Virtually no one disagrees that we have been sold out by our elected officials for the interests of corporations and special interest groups. So what do we do? We keep electing the same people to office over and over and expect a different outcome. Yes, insanity. In the last 25 years the country has become more and more polarized. A solid one third of us have been radicalized by either liberal or conservative extremists via radio shock jocks, cable news networks, web sites and even places of worship.

Ask yourself, how many co-workers, friends or family members have I broken ties with over the last 25 years because of their views on marriage, abortion or immigration? How many people may have unfriended me for my social or political views?

We have been divided gradually and incrementally with such precision it’s almost hard to believe that it hasn’t been planned…divide and conquer. Everyone at some point choosing a label and that became the banner from which we starting sniping at each other. Our public servants consistently choose party over the will of the people. It’s conservative versus liberal, rich versus poor and black versus white. When I ask my peers why, they say overwhelmingly, “what else are we going to do, we can’t elect the other”. The “other” being whomever you’re against. I am writing this plan for America in response to the ongoing decay of the American dream.

We care about mending fences, rebuilding families and restoring friendships. Herein are actionable items. This is what else we can do.

Terrorism and national security

The economy


Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)






Political Speech



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